Rick Sevieri

Mr. Sevieri is a Senior Consultant with Foodservice Consulting Society International (FCSI), and over the past 23 years he has been active in all phases of the foodservice industry from in-plant feeding, fast food, restaurants, convenient stores, institutional facilities, schools and colleges.

Mr. Sevieri has experience in negotiation of contracts, union relationships, technical project support, capital budget management, staff management and development, conceptual design and layout, and training program development.

John Crim
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Crim is a Professional Member of FCSI, AIA Professional Affiliate has over 39 years experience in restaurant, casino and hotel operations, design development, real estate, and new business development.

John served as Director of Development for Chart House Enterprises Inc., Vice President, Director of Administration & Operations of Poultry Management and Linda’s Flame Roasted Chicken, Boston Market, Vice President and Director of Operations for Associated Hosts, Inc., Director of Operations Star of The Sea Restaurant Ventures, Regional District Manager for Au Bon Pain, and President of Healthy Living. John’s extensive design involvement in over 2500 facilities includes other brand names with; Paradise Bakeries, Mango’s, Cisco’s, Luther’s Barbecue, Burger King, Moxie’s, Godfather’s Pizza, Islands, Poehe’s, Cork ‘N Cleaver, Chili’s, Steak & Ale, Victoria Station & Outback Steakhouse.

Robert Sevieri
Secretary & Treasurer

Robert Sevieri is a Professional Member of the Food Service Consulting Society International (FCSI).

Over the past 42 years, Mr. Sevieri has worked in all phases of consulting, including design management, planning and operations. His consulting experience covers all facets of commercial foodservice, including in-plant feeding, fast-food restaurants, convenient stores, institutional facilities, schools and colleges.


Don Mathieu
Lead CAD Designer / Project Management

We were able to persuade Don out of an early retirement to Lead our CAD department having spent nearly a half dozen years designing and building custom fly bridges and canopies for many of the power and sailing marine industries leading designers including one-offs for clients along the Eastern seaboard. Don’s passion for high performance cars and motor cycles stemmed from his extensive career in the aerospace and power generation industry where Don honed his craft and later as quality control inspector in the aerospace arena for 12 years. Don an FCSI Associate Member, parleyed his eye for detail and space planning acumen into his CAD and design background where his attention to detail in the design process has raised the standard, present in Don’s project designs on a national and international platform.


Igor Keric
Project Management / Logistics / Project Integration

Having left the banking industry as a loan officer Igor approaches his 10 year anniversary in Project Management and Logistics while coordinating and managing installations on a national platform. Being multi-lingual and having traveled extensively in the European theater Igor oversees all warehouse operations and shipping on a national and international basis. Igor an FCSI Associate Member, brings with him an extensive background in project integration and sales while pursuing another degree in business management